Cast List

Donna Sheridan                    Brittany Hoffman

Sophie Sheridan                    McKenzie Davis

Tanya Cresham-Leigh        Miah Sirianni

Sam Carmichael                    Marc Cook

Harry  Bright                          Joey Cannizzaro

Bill Austin                                Jeremiah Martinez

Rosie Mulligan                      Alyssa Germano

Sky                                                Ryan Michki

Ali                                                  Delaney Reid

Lisa                                               Julia Leslie

Father Alexandrios             Michael Neuberger

Eddie                                           Bartolo Panepinto

Pepper                                       Asher Raymond

Finale: Donna and the Dynamos  

Alea Buck, Sophie Holmes, Matt Reimer

Select Ensemble

Chad                                          Ryan Okun

Kipp                                           Harold Jacob

Nedd                                         Michael Neuberger

Katt                                           Caroline Cook

Sheila                                       Allison Iacuzzo

Teddie                                     Isabel Gradzewicz

Cricket                                   Hevyn Bermudez

Lulu                                          Alea Buck



Catherine Alverson, Kaitlyn Bader, Cacey Barraclough, Kendall Brach, Alex Cook, Elizabeth Dee, Catherine Fillip, Brenna Fitzpatrick, Lillian Fulcher, Abigail Holmes, Lilla Herlinger, Kaleigh Janukowski, Jordan Manly, Haylee Morris, Stephanie Neuberger, Shae Dawe, Mackenzie Patterson, Aislin Pennington, AJ Petrillo, Addison Pike, Grace Riordan, Emma Schaus, Myrandah Sirianni, Riley Stanton, Ally Sugg, Rachel Swihart, Payton Taylor, Rachel Vitko, Jacob Walter, Madeline Zgoda


STAGE is for young people 8th grade- college age.

The fee for the whole summer experience is only $135.

Rehearsals run Monday-Friday from 6-9 pm with some Saturdays.

(Please let us know of any conflicts ahead of time.)

The show is August 8, 9, 10 at 7 pm and August 11 at 2 pm.

We will strike the set and have our Cast Party immediately following Sunday’s performance.